Thursday, May 12, 2016

Charles Eubanks - Tattoos

Do you suppose cephalopods get inked too?

Sorry for the late entry!  Some days, my brain is totally broken when it comes to art...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Peter Hong - Tattoos

Thank you for extending the deadline, Marie! I started this a long time ago, but never had time to finish until now. It was really cool using Photoshop and a tablet to color again. I have to get used to these tools for the project I'm working on right now. Also, I really liked this movie. Cap is supposed to be in the middle of a fight with Iron Man here when his costume gets ripped in battle! But he has super strong skin, right? Hmmm...maybe not. ;)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Adam Heine - Tattoos

Tattoos are fairly central to the game I'm working on. Among other things (including peel-off tattoos, Marie), the story's central character jumps from body to body to live forever. The bodies he uses all all have a special tattoo that he uses as a kind of psychic gate. It looks something like this.

Does it count as fan art if I'm a lead for the game? That's a thing, right?

Anica Heine - Pixar

My youngest daughter provided this very late entry for Pixar (or off-brand Pixar, as noted last time, but Baymax is too cool). She wanted to show you guys.