Thursday, June 30, 2011

Charles Eubanks - Baseball

Stick me in the middle of a field on a warm summer day, and odds are I'm going to daydream.  One of many reasons I never pursued a career in sports.


Adam Heine said...

Love this. When I was a kid, I played defense on a soccer team. Our team was really good, so most of the time I was just squatting in the field eating grass.

True story.

Laura said...

I hope you sign a contract soon! Every time you submit work it is right on the money. Adorable...endearing...consistent... Love it!

Charles Eubanks said...

Aww, thanks Laura! I hope so too!

Adam - eating grass? Seriously? Ew.

Adam Heine said...

Yeah, I was kind of a weird kid.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Charles, your characters are SO expressive, I love it. And great detail on the distortion of the bouncing ball! I feel the movement despite the relaxed kiddo. :D

Anna said...

love this! I'm right there with you in daydreaming