Thursday, July 7, 2011

Helen Cheung, Board Games


Mandy said...

I love the guy you put in the car and the contrast of him and the car being in grayscale while the board is colored.

It also feels like we're interrupting his game as he looks at us with a semi-sneer/grimace while driving past GO.

Mandy said...
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Helen Cheung said...

Thanks Mandy.
I actually don't think I am cut out to illustrate children book. So, most of time I keep quiet. I enjoy your drawings every much, because you have the heart for it, it's plainly on your works. I can also see that from everyone else.
So, needless to say my drawing are not often "children book like". Just hope you guys don't mind.
Love to draw and love you see all of your work!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Helen! I very much enjoy your work...don't shortchange yourself as an illustrator! I love your style, especially, as Mandy pointed out, the way you're able to capture very subtle expressions in just a few lines. I'm so glad you're a part of Anthdrawlogy. We do well in seeing so many different styles.

Mandy said...

Hey Helen, thank you for your support and compliments to my work. I was feeling like you in that children's illustration might not be for me (especially when Joy said it!) It is so easy to compare our own work to other's work and feel like we don't measure up. I do that too, and I have decided to just be a sponge and try to learn and apply as much about illustrating as possible because it really is different than what I learned in my art classes. I really hope you continue drawing and illustrating! Your style communicates so much and it's beautiful and different. Definitely keep posting!

Adam Heine said...

Don't worry about comparing your work to anyone's. I'm not here to illustrate for anything either. I just love to draw, but I let laziness and (gasp!) comparison to folks better than me get in my way.

I'm here to force myself to draw, whether I think it's any good or not, cuz that's how we get better.

And I love your style. I love how everyone here has such unique styles. They stretch my ideas in directions I haven't tried before :-)