Monday, August 8, 2011

Charles Eubanks - Wild West

"I'm late, I'm late!"  That's what I thought to myself this morning as I quickly drew this feller giddyap'n 'cross the prairie.


K. Marie Criddle said...

Ha! There is nothing funnier in this world than old prospectors in long underwear. Maybe I grew up watching too much "Paint Your Wagon"...great movement, too!

Charles Eubanks said...

Hehe, thanks! I'm glad you can tell he's wearing long underwear. That's exactly what I was going for, but wasn't sure it came through in this thumbnail.

Peter Hong said...

I love your style, Charles!

laura said...

Yes! Paint Your Wagon is the best!
Charles you did this subject justice.
There is an old prospector who lives in Nevada who to this day wears his old red long john's around town. Tourists take photos of him w/ his donkey Daisy. For real!