Sunday, September 18, 2011

Charles Eubanks - Life Drawings

A group of us SCBWI folk met at the park today with our kids and our sketchbooks, and somewhat-structured chaos ensued.  Here's a raw page straight from my sketchbook.  I was using my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, and attempting to bang out somewhat coherent gesture drawings in ~1 minute bursts.  (Kids don't hold still for long, y'know!)  The results are admittedly not much to look at, but it was fantastic practice.


Carin Pratt said...

I like what you came up, particularly the girl bent over looking at her shoes, and the big caterpillar. I like the look of the brush pen, nice texture.

Adam Heine said...

I like the kid drawing at the top. It reminds me of older life sketches I did. Maybe I'll scan those in too, when I get my post up.

Peter Hong said...

i've never been quick at drawing. nice job sketching these kids and their moods/postures!