Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adam Heine - Steampunk

No more papercuts or ink poisonings!

Wheeled models available! Take your library wherever your horseless carriage can go!
Backwards compatible with horsed carriages!

Pre-loaded with popular diversions "Belligerent Avians" and "Flora Facing Cadavers"!


Charles Eubanks said...

Yes, but what about DRM?

Adam Heine said...

You mean Dirigible Raconteur Mechanics? Available at a moment's notice, good sir!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Ha! Awesome, Adam. Yes, this will be much more convenient at the beach. Will other be able to see what I highlight?

Adam Heine said...

Certainly! The Steambook is large enough that up to 4 people can read and highlight a book simultaneously!

Peter Hong said...

great drawing, man! look at all that gadgetry inside! this woulda been a cool way to read books back in the day before kindles!