Saturday, July 21, 2012

Adam Heine - Dragons

I was too busy to really give this topic the justice it deserves. But here's what I came up with this morning.

He's kinda sorta a dragon from my WiP, except the ones in my head are way cooler.


K. Marie Criddle said...

I love the sonic shout he's got going on and the transparency of the wings is a really cool touch. Part of me wants this guy to be really cuddly and pocket sized, but I'll bet he's a bit more monstrous. :D

Charles Eubanks said...

Nice perspective in this one, Adam! I like how his body is twisting around.

Adam Heine said...

Thanks, guys.

Actually, Marie, there was a point where my two-year-old daughter insisted I give him eyes. It's amazing how a single dot and a curved eyebrow can make this thing seem kind of happy.

I had to erase the eyes though. They were messing with my vibe.

Peter Hong said...

good choice, man. this guy is cool, and obviously learned to adapt from all the armor-clad knights that probably came after him!