Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Topic for 11/12 to 11/25

Guys, I think we could do Disney/Lucasfilm for a few more months if we could, but for the sake of variety, we best be shuffling off. But amazing job from all...hopefully those at the helm of Star Wars VII saw and were inspired! (How cute would Mike Wazowski be with Leia buns?)

In light of the upcoming holidays and the busy-ness that comes with it, we're doing another two week stretch on Anthdrawlogy but remember, if you'd like to do more than one drawing, it's loved, welcomed and encouraged. This fortnight's topic:


Not just the holiday but the actual event thereof...all is fair game. I'm thankful for all of you guys and for the fun and inspiration I've experienced over the last year and a half. Thank you from the bottom of my pilot pen!

Now...happy drawing!

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