Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Topic for 2/28 to 3/10

Hi, long lost Anthdrawlogians! So we've been a little swamped on our topic-posting side and despite our best efforts, have slacked off on posting current topics. But fret not! It's back to business time and we won't let Anthdrawlogy fall by the wayside. It's been too fun for me, personally, to let it slide much longer, and I love having something keep me coming back to the drawing board at LEAST once a week. So! That said, let's get on track, shall we? This one might be a little hard for those that are a little behind in our gaming, but let's try:


And yes, we mean the video game! However, if you have no experience with the game, feel free to try your hand at any interpretation the word might conjure up for you. Either way, I'll consider it a triumph. I'll make a note here: huge success.

(We'll go to March 10th on this one, then start the week after posting on Mondays again. Woo!)

Oh! Also give a huge welcome to new Anthdrawlogian, Brian Lee!! Can't wait to see your stuff, Brian!


Adam Heine said...

That is an awesome topic (I haven't played Portal, but I have played the 2D flash version and I'm well familiar with the memes that have come out of the game).

I'm going to have to make some time for this one. Now if I can just figure out where...

K. Marie Criddle said...

Oh cool! That 2D game is pretty neat...concept-wise, I think it's spot on to the original. And portal memes are pretty prolific, to be sure. I think I was using "the cake is a lie" long before I actually played the game. :)