Friday, March 15, 2013

Charles Eubanks - Furniture

I just love the design sensibility in Disney films.  You can tell they think through all their artistic choices carefully, adhering to well-defined shape language and color palettes.

This chair is from The Sword in the Stone, from the scene where The Wart and Merlin first meet.  I reproduced it as faithfully as I was able, paying close attention to the design nuances.  I like how the back mirrors the shape of a castle tower, and also hints at the direction from which Wart will make his sudden entrance.

In other news... I can't draw a straight line worth a darn.  So this exercise was really good for me!

1 comment:

Peter Hong said...

very cool, and disney-esque. only you and they can manage to make a chair look cartoony. :)