Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Topic for 3/27 to 4/10

Sorry for the delay, folks! I've been out of country for the last week.

Great Jedi drawings! I think it's safe to say the Force was with us in crafting these formidable butt-kickers!

For the next topic, I thought we'd try this idea I saw on Facebook. The idea is to either finish someone else's drawing (a child, or friend/co-worker/whatever), or have them finish yours. Hmmm...what to call it? How 'bout:


I hope we can have some fun with this! Tag, Charles, you're it for the next topic.


Adam Heine said...

The art in those links looks so cool. This is going to be especially interesting...

Feel free to come over if you want some kids to start/finish your drawings for you :-)

Charles Eubanks said...

I LOVE this idea! My kids are totally pumped to get started!