Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Topic for 9/17 to 9/30ish

Hey guys! So I know things are getting/have been busy for a lot of us, so I was thinking of doing a challenge rather than a theme this time around...better or worse, who knows. Ready?


So however long you have to draw, give yourself five minutes for one subject; if you have fifteen minutes, post three drawings. Five minutes, post one! Twenty three and a half...okay, you get it. Hopefully we can all grab a little bit of time, but if not, no worries! We'll see you on the next topic! (Who's ready for another Star Wars month, anyone?)


Adam Heine said...

Good call, Marie. I've been super ridiculously busy the last few weeks, but I gotta be able to find 5 minutes :-D

Charles Eubanks said...

This sounds great!

And heck yeah, I could definitely do another Star Wars month!

Peter Hong said...

sweet. i'll see what i can do these days. :)