Thursday, March 31, 2016

K. Marie Criddle - Pixar

So the most oft-repeated Pixar line in our household is "Preston, ENGAGE!" (as said by Helen Parr to Mr. Incredible when chasing crazy kids). So here's Mrs. Incredible, my spirit animal...carrying my son. Forgive my late submission for this month! Pixar is too fun to miss.


Peter Hong said...

your son is so cute here, limbs dangling and eyes wide open. great expression on mrs. incredible/you and i like her/your hair, too, marie!

Adam Heine said...

You so strike me as Mrs. Incredible. I would be shocked if you did not have a Jack-Jack for a son.

Charles Eubanks said...

Heh, now I'm picturing Preston sawing through the plate while cutting up steak for the kids!

Awesome work! Better late than never!