Monday, October 3, 2011

Topic for 10/3 to 10/10/9

I want to start off by congratulating Adam for being the stick-with-it king!  Did you realize that he has posted a picture for every single Anthdrawlogy challenge?  And he's also writing like 1,000 pages a day, and has like 100 kids!  (I may have slipped a decimal in one of those figures.)  So bravo, Adam!

And to the rest of you, I really hope more can join in this week!  I've really enjoyed what everyone has posted so far, and honestly this is a lot more fun when lots of people participate.  Am I right???  And if you're holding out for a topic that excites you, please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!


This week's topic is a classic artist's rite of passage:


Beyond the basic rendering, think about how to show who you are.  What makes you unique?  How do you spend your time?  Feel free to cartoon-ify or stylize as you see fit.  And for Pete's sake, have fun, will ya?


Adam Heine said...

Yeah, at least one of those is an exaggeration :-) But thank you.

I very nearly let this week slip, but I know if I skip it once, I'll start drawing only when I feel like it again. And that's not very often. Instead, I've given myself permission to draw fast and crappy rather than not draw.

I knew you'd call me out on the self-portrait.

Peter Hong said...

the topic was great, just had a crazy week in malaysia. this week we're in the south of thailand, but i'll see if i can post somethin'.

Anonymous said...

Adam - you're welcome! Thanks for being so committed!

Peter - cool, glad you're still planning to participate. I've been really enjoying your pictures! Have a great vacation!

(Posting with OpenID, so hopefully this will work...)