Sunday, January 22, 2012

Charles Eubanks - Hats

I was trying to come up with a good caption for this.  My initial thought was "Democrat in the Hat," but Lincoln wasn't a democrat.  Suggestions, anyone?


K. Marie Criddle said...

Bwa ha ha! This mash-up is BRILLIANT. So delightfully strange and well-executed. I would read this book a billion times over.

Preston suggested "Bureaucrat in the Hat" and I thought "The Thingamajator Emancipator" (but I've been watching too much PBS Cat in the Hat!)

Peter Hong said...

the contrast between good ol' abe's demeanor/reputation and the playful/colorful hat is hilarious!

Jaqai said...

Brilliant. This is so good. Man, I'd submit this to Threadless post haste.

Also, both of the suggestions coming through from Marie up there are keepers.