Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Charles Eubanks - Teeth

"Woo-hoo, it's picture day!  And I got to meet the toof fairy last night!"

As usual, not at all what I'd planned to draw for this topic.  But this is what I landed on after about a page and a half of doodles.


Peter Hong said...

poor guy, such bad timing for him. this reminds me of the awkwardness of picture days at school as a kid.

Adam Heine said...

Totally been there, kid.

And, hey! You and me use the same pens, Charles!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Awww!! What a sweet little mug. And he seems to be so proud of the (lack of) theeth! (typo but it stays)

Super cute...it gives me a fun idea for a future topic, too! (School pictures, anyone?)