Thursday, April 10, 2014

Emily, Andy, and Charles Eubanks - Team Drawing

This one says Andy at the top, but don't be fooled, yo!  It's actually a portrait of Andy, draw by his sister Emily!  (Can you spot her autograph?)

And no, this is NOT a portrait of Emily.  It's just a pitiful little zombie, one of Andy's favorite subjects.


Peter Hong said...

wow! these are amazing! great job, eubanks'! i love the intensity of andy's eyes and teeth, and the zombie's lack of them. so cool and surreal, down to the details, gory and otherwise!

Adam Heine said...

Sweet! Nice job on the shading, Charles. And these are some great portraits! I particularly like the swirl of the zombie's speech balloon.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Oh wow! I would definitely buy an entire book of these collaborations. I am totally digging (ew) the zombie's eye/sockets and Emily's portrait is terrific. Nice nice work!