Thursday, April 17, 2014

Topic for 4/17 - 5/1

Great team drawing, everyone!  Isn't it wonderful to share your artistic process with someone else?  I sure had a blast.  Thanks for the awesome topic, Peter!

My right shoulder has been a bit sore lately, which gave me the idea for our next topic:


If you're a lefty, draw with your right, and vice-versa.  If you're ambidextrous... I dunno, draw with your feet?  Or just improvise!

For this topic, I was inspired by Lois van Baarle, one of my favorite artists.  She has been struggling with tennis elbow, and decided to try drawing left handed.  After really setting her mind to it for a while, she's achieved some very impressive results.  So give it a try!  You might just surprise yourself!

1 comment:

Peter Hong said...

no prob, charles! this sounds like a good challenge!