Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marie Criddle - Star Wars Extravaganza

The colors got a little funky when animating this, but I think I like it better. It's like a sorority girl/cheerleader turned Jedi who tries really hard to take her training seriously but really just misses baton twirling.


Adam Heine said...

And I'm going to say, "Yeah, the hair color is a little weird." And then you're going to say, "What? No, I meant her eye color got funky. The hair's just right." And then I'm going to say, "Oh..."

I like the plaid texture. It reminds me of our old cartoons when characters wearing plaid would run across the screen, but somehow their texture never ran with them ;-)

Peter Hong said...

fun colors, cool expression and pose, marie! and the twirling light saber is fascinating!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Adam - ha!! I admit, the hair funkiness was intentional! :D But yes, the plaid was an experiment that went awry...I couldn't get it to bend like I wanted, so left it pretty static. I'll just chalk it up to unnecessary force manipulation.

Peter - Thanks so much! I hoped the saber twirl would be a little smoother, but I'm still working on it. :)