Sunday, October 12, 2014

Topic for 10/12 to 11/12 and beyond!

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in posting. Lo, that is how we roll lately! Do you all realize how amazingly cool it is that we've hit ONE HUNDRED TOPICS so far?!? And our hundredth topic is one of the most loved of all! Let it be a:


Anything you want in this huge and varied canonical and non-canonical universe is game. Good luck, take your time and post as many as you want. HAPPY 100 TOPICS, GUYS!! Sketches and cupcakes and bantha poodoo for all!


Adam Heine said...

*turns on lightsaber*

Charles Eubanks said...

Wow, this is our 100th topic?!? Seems like just yesterday... :)

Peter Hong said...

hahaha, i had to look up bantha poodoo. it was hilarious/fascinating!