Friday, December 23, 2011

Jaqai Mickelsen - Year in Review

Ok. So, this exercise was kind of depressing. Why? Outside of some doodles during some meetings and a few things I've drawn up for work, I've drawn very little in 2011. And the proof is that I literally had like two things to choose from. And this one I'm choosing? "eh" at best.

This was an idea I had for a tshirt around the hype that was surrounding the Book of Mormon Broadway show. I'm originally from Utah (and a big fan of the guys who created South Park), so I was definitely intrigued by the whole thing...then I simply wondered what would happen if the door to door stuff went the other way.

I'm not sure if it lands really...there is kind of a lot to figure out here to get the joke. (Also, looking at it now, it annoys me that neither of the bicycle helmets have straps.)

I think I know who I am artistically, (let's hear it for goofy cartoons!) but this little activity has shown me, in no uncertain terms, that I've been doing jack and squat to evolve my drawing muscle recently. So once I'm done rocking back and forth in the fetal position, I'll be excited to jump in with both feet on this Anthdrawlogy next year. Theme music!


Adam Heine said...

Hurray for Anthdrawlogy-induced drawing exercising! (As I said, that's all I've got too :-).

This is cute. I like how they're wearing their helmets even though they're inside the hosue.

Charles Eubanks said...

Dude. I'm so glad you joined our group! The world needs more of your art.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Ha!! I LOVE this! First of all, I must know what book he's carrying. And second, as a former missionary myself, I can definitely say that helmets in the house were a frequent oversight on my part. :D Straps were always not a sure thing either, so it's totally good for me.

So happy to have you, Jaqai! Here's to stretching our collective artistic muscles in 2012!

Peter Hong said...

i thought this was about trick-or-treating at first, maybe like an alternate for "holidays" week, 'til i read your explanation. although i guess maybe it's like reverse trick-or-treating in a way. i like the way the vibrant colors jump out at you and draw you into what's being emphasized here.