Friday, December 9, 2011

Jaqai Mickelsen - Zoo

Hi everyone,

I'm stoked Charles invited me to come play. I've been wanting to draw more...and I'm thinking this group will be great (weekly) inspiration to do just that.

Party on Wayne!


Charles Eubanks said...

Awesome drawing, man! I will never look at pigeons the same way.

Adam Heine said...

Yeah. Why don't we lock up the pigeons?

Party on, Garth!

Peter Hong said...

haha! nice job, jaqai! this could be a proverb in the making!

K. Marie Criddle said...

We're so happy to have you, Jaqai! This is GREAT...I love how we all put our own storied spin on the topic. Why just draw a zoo when you can draw a whole SCENE in a story?

And I love how you made the toucan (toucan?) dark so we can't see his expression. Is he miffed or shamed? Or plotting revenge? Lends a whole other layer to the scene.