Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adam Heine - Star Wars

I was sick last week, and we had a mission team carting my kids around to waterfalls and such. So I'm winging it today.*

These are the kinds of things you'd find in the margins of my college notebooks, if I hadn't thrown them all away.

* Like Charles, I suspect the pressure of a Star-Wars-worthy idea got to me, too. Maybe we can do subsets of Star Wars, like "Han Solo," "Boba Fett," or "Uppity R2 Units"?


K. Marie Criddle said...

You threw AWAY your old doodles?? Que horror! :D This is, of course, coming from a doodle hoarder. Your way is probably less cluttered.

I really do love the ships, though. You've executed them really well, angles and all. I can almost hear the "shields down, hull damaged, destroyed" from my X-Wing playing days of yesteryear... :D

Peter Hong said...

these're cool, man. the aircrafts and death star are some of the coolest things about star wars. i really liked the speeder bike, too! the nostalgia!

Charles Eubanks said...

I could TOTALLY go for more SW themes! Great idea!

Adam Heine said...

Marie: The doodle-to-computer-science-notes ratio was way too low to keep them around. Besides, I can just draw them again :-)

Peter: Thanks! I never doodled speeder bikes cuz that would've involved doodling people.

Charles: Yeah, for a topic this broad, I'm totally up for doing it again with specifics :-)