Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Topic for 5/7 to 5/13

Okay, so Charles and I decided that Star Wars is just TOO broad of a subject to do justice to in one fell swoop...so we're stretching it to this week, too! But this time, how about we regulate it to a single planet? Let your pens and imaginations run wild on:


Low on water, but it's chock full of canon creatures and people! Fun fact from Marie's childhood: When I was a kid, I thought that "cantina" was a purely Star Wars made up word (because of the Mos Eisley Cantina) and when I went to a Mexican restaurant and saw CANTINA written over the bar, I got really excited, thinking that the owners were HUGE fans of Star Wars. El sigh.

Anyways, what I am doing talking? Go draw! And remember: HAN SHOT FIRST.


Charles Eubanks said...

That's hilarious, I thought the same thing about the word "cantina"!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Whew!! I thought I was the only one! To this day, seeing the word "cantina" still throws me off a little... :)