Monday, January 14, 2013

Marie Criddle - Jack and the Beanstalk

I attempted a Peter-esque perspective shot here but it didn't turn out as planned. Any suggestions?


Peter Hong said...

i really like the forced perspective here, marie! it looks dynamic/dramatic. jack's small size compared to the huge beanstalk, and his expression say it all! also, it's awesome that you went for it with the hyper perspective!

to capitalize on the crazy perspective, you can enlarge the hands/head/shoulders which are closer to us, and make the legs/feet tiny, if even at all visible. for me, it's all about extreme exaggeration and shapes/angles.

Peter Hong said...

oops, i just looked up 'forced perspective,' and that ain't what we're talkin' about here. but it's still hyper and crazy, and cool! and i still know what i'm talking about. no, really, i do! ;)

Adam Heine said...

I like Jack's expression. This looks like a much more dangerous beanstalk to climb that the depictions we usually see :-)

Peter gave you the same tips I was gonna give, except he did it much better. So just: second on what he said.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Thank you so much for the ideas! I'm of half a mind to redo it...but maybe I'll just wait for next week's topic and do something entirely new. Again, thanks!