Thursday, January 3, 2013

Marie Criddle - Year in Review #2

I post this one not because it's my best work, but it best represents my 2012. GUYS! I had SO MUCH FUN. The whole 365 days of drawing project was at times frustrating but it was so much fun to look back on and see what I could do. It was fun to try new mediums and techniques, to spend anywhere from 10 minutes to endless hours on a drawing and to test out subjects I had never done before (i.e. gorillataurs. Raar.)

It was a blast and I look forward to the next year. Without all the stress of the 365 thing, but with some of the fun nonetheless. Gorillataur OUT.


Matthew MacNish said...

The lines on this are awesome, but the shading is the best. It almost looks like watercolor.

Adam Heine said...


Though I think my favorite creation of yours this year, Marie, was the Battlecorns. I expect a Battlecorn graphic novel to be announced sometime this year, FYI.

Peter Hong said...

haha, this is super creative! it's fun to see how much fun you have experimenting and learning as you draw! makes me wanna try something as crazy as 365 days of drawing. kinda... ;)

Charles Eubanks said...

This has certainly been a big year for you! I agree that a gorillataur primal screen is the proper way to celebrate.