Sunday, June 26, 2016

Marie Criddle - Izanami's Choice

So I jumped the gun and didn't realize that Adam's book wouldn't be out until September for perusal and inspiration, but I still went ahead and drew me up some Japanese robots. If it doesn't fit exactly what the robots in Izanami's Choice look like, I apologize...but I'm excited to read it in September!


Peter Hong said...

cool combo of organic and technological here, marie! really captures the coolness, but also eeriness. i'm going for something similar. i really like the asian hair buns, too!

Adam Heine said...

I love it. And I don't think it's that far off from what's described in the book either :-)

Charles Eubanks said...

Love it! The graphic cutaway sections remind me of classic 50s SF book covers. Very cool!